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    I've managed to stockpile quite a few old Buick items that I'd like to offer up. Many are currently listed on eBay (where else?) under my seller ID RagtopBuick66, others have not been listed as of yet, but will be soon if nobody on here wants/needs it;

    Wheel well trim;
    65 LeSabre/Wildcat - 4 pcs. EXCELLENT condition - $125
    66 LeSabre/Wildcat - 4 pcs. EXCELLENT condition - $125
    68 LeSabre/Wildcat - 2 pcs. (front) EXCELLENT condition - $125
    68 LeSabre/Wildcat - 2 pcs. (front) VERY GOOD condition - $100
    68 LeSabre - 2 pcs. (rear, have heard of them being fitted to Wildcat in place of skirts) - EXCELLENT condition - $125
    71-73 Riviera "Boattail" - 4 pcs. EXCELLENT condition - $150 (also have rear window exterior trim, complete, EXCELLENT condition - $125)

    Rocker Spears;
    68 LeSabre/Wildcat - 2 pcs. EXCELLENT condition - $140
    68 LeSabre/Wildcat - 2 pcs. GOOD condition - $110

    Hood Spear and Chrome Hood Lip;
    64 LeSabre (and others, not certain of which) - driver condition - $65 for BOTH

    Aluminum AC compressor bracket for Buick 300 V8 (came off of 1964) - excellent condition - $75

    1966 340 LeSabre "400" V8, turns over by hand, complete from valve covers to oil pan, mileage unknown - $650
    Transmission (whichever came standard in the above car) - $350
    or BOTH engine AND transmission for $850

    Prices are negotiable within reason. No, I will not take $60 for a pair of 1968 Buick Wildcat rocker spears in excellent condition. (Yes, I was actually made that offer...) I'm a reasonable guy, and as long as you don't insult me we'll get along just fine! If you want any of the trim shipped, give me a day or two and I can get you a quote. Buyer pays shipping.

    I WILL NOT SHIP the engine and/or transmission, local pickup only (Charlotte NC 28262) OR I can deliver/meet you halfway for $0.50/mile round trip, up to 350 miles one direction.

    Email: or call 704-324-1013 and leave a message. I'm an extremely busy guy, but I'll try to return your call ASAP.


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