Clicking noise when I try to start 67 Skylark

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by chrisk, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. chrisk

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    When I try to start my 1967 Skylark (350 engine), I always hear a clicking noise rather than it trying to start. It happens 3 or four or several times but it will always start up and run good like normal etc. I have changed the starter, the neutral safety switch, ignition switch, and the wires going from the firewall plug down to the starter already but still the problem remains. Thanks!
  2. alec296

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    Get the battery tested. . Check the ground strap on back of engine to firewall. Check battery cables . Pull the ground cable bolt and check for corrosion. Check for voltage drop when cranking.
  3. gstewart

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    clicking can be the solenoid.
  4. 12lives

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    A loud click is the starter solenoid, a light click is a relay under the dash. I'm going through this now and found a poor connection in the firewall plug. I had no start and no voltage to the solenoid. Only sound was the relay under the dash. I pulled the plug closest to the engine and cleaned it thoroughly. Problem went away and I had good voltage at the solenoid. When you replaced the wires going from the firewall plug down to the starter, did you open the plug?

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