coil failure and melted wiring

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    A few weeks ago I drove my car to a car event and all was well on the way to the event. When I went to leave I had a crank/no start situation. I turns out that the coil failed completely. Now I'm in the process or replacing the coil and repairing the melted pink wire in the engine wiring harness. I want to replace the plastic sleeve along with the electrical tape the encases the harness as it goes along the valve cover from the firewall to the coil and alternator. A long time ago there was a place that advertised these parts as replaceable, but I don't remember who. I will call M&H and see if it is indeed them. Especially, since they supplied my harnesses for the car when I restored it.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Contact Loren (member la 65 gs)
    If he does not have the parts, he likely will know where you can get them. :)
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    That pink wire off the coil isn't too long. It turns to fabric covered resistance wire
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