Color Change On 70 Gs ????

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by vin1489, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    I need some help with is one, I'm in the process of restoring my 1970 GS455 the factory colors are bamboo cream with a black painted top.
    The Bamboo doesn't do it for me. Should I paint the car black, since the roof is black or should I paint it red with black top or all red ?????
    I would really appreciate all your input.
  2. GS4551970

    GS4551970 70 Buick GS 455

    Sounds like the same question i asked about 15 years ago. I didnt like the bamboo cream so i painted it red. Then for some reason i really didnt like it red. maybe it was because of the interior color being saddle. So after about 6 months or so i repainted it Bamboo cream. I still wasn't thrilled about it,to me that color is a classy color and i wanted something with alittle more zing to it.So i tore the car all apart again redid it 1 more time and added the front and rear spoilers and added the aftermarket wheels and i am real happy with it now. Good luck with your desision. It only took me about 18 years to finally get mine to where im really happy with it.

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  3. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    Color is a tough choice, I'm not a fan of either Bamboo cream or red on the 70-72 cars. I would keep it a factory 1970 color. My absolute favorite color is Sherwood Green, with Aqua Mist being very close in second. I also would keep the painted top Black, I love the contrast on Buicks. Anyway's if it were mine that's what I'd do :beer
  4. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    I forgot to mention that the interior on my car is Black and has buckets with floor shift.
  5. rgs350

    rgs350 rgs350

    Gs Colour Change

    I also am thinkin of doing a colour change on my 72 GS 350 . is currently cortez gold/ black vinyl top & black bench seat interior, considering changing the gold only to black & having a triple black car OR i am seeking a real nice red in place of the gold & removing the vinyl top & having it a solid red entirely, i have been told that torch red (vette 90"s) colour, ferrari red, or dodge 2003-04 pickup red is very nice, It needs to be a rich deep red so no matter if the car is in the shade or sun it will still look red!
  6. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    I am leaning toward the Black since the data tag shows that the car has a black painted top. There's just something special about a all black GS..
  7. Chris Lott

    Chris Lott 4 speed finally

    My personal opinion, Red and Black are over done. You go to a car show, 1/3 are red, 1/3 are black, and lucky if the last 1/3 is something interesting to look at. I understand not wanting to paint it bamboo cream, as it is a terrible color for showing the great lines the buicks have. But unless it's an original red car, I'd find something more interesting. Black is a good looking color, but I think it gets old. Of course everyone likes a flawless black paint job, and it does look sinister, but it doesn't show the era and the class that buicks had. They really need a metallic color to show the different peaks, spears, etc that are so subtle. If you have a black top and interior, I'd keep something like so that the car is "fresh" looking. Silver, Desert Gold, Aqua Mist, Gulfstream blue, SeaMist green, something like that. That's my $.02
  8. 70gsrick

    70gsrick 1 of 66

    I like red myself :TU: But if you're thinking about changing colors take a look at Silver with a black top, very sharp!!
  9. BevoBo50

    BevoBo50 Muscle Car Connoisseur

    Agree with Chris

    My personal opinion is that you have a real 70 GS455 which is already one of the most perfect cars ever built :grin: so I would keep it completely stock and repaint it bamboo. But I understand that bamboo is not a flashy color and it is your car and you should do what you want with it. I would agree with Chris that should you decide to paint it a different color go with something that really shows off the buick lines such as aqua Mist, Gulfstream blue, or SeaMist green. Any one of those would look killer with a black top and black interior. Whatever color you choose please go with an original 1970 GS color but then again it is your car and you should do what you want. :bglasses:
  10. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    Does anyone out there have a color chart of colors for 1970 buicks???
  11. 1936turboford

    1936turboford Member

    I would like to add my two cents. If you are talking about painting the car the original color because you think the car my be worth more money you maybe wrong. I had a 1971 GS 455 with #'s matching and decided to change the color from it's original to a blue found on the new Mini Coopers. Sold it to fellow member of V8BUICK wish I had it back, anyway. I personal did not care for it's original color and because the car was a non-concourse restoration but a #'s matching stock appearing car I painted it a color that I liked and glad I did. I feel the value of the car was higher with the Blue because it looked nicer (to me anyway) than what the original color was. So I guess what I am saying is paint it a color you like. :TU:

  12. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Ask, and ye shall receive...

  13. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    You can look at some different colors Here

    Like Chris, I'm partial to Sherwood Green :Brow:

    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
  14. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    You guys have posted some good points on color changes. Do you guy's think high impact color cars are worth more that say bamboo cream??? Even if they are not the factory color??? I guess my point is my tag show's it as being two colors bamboo and black, so if I go with all black does that effect half of the value???
  15. Buick Trainee

    Buick Trainee Dreaming GSX

    In my opinion it is not really about what the car is worth.
    Will it be worth more if it is painted Bamboo as apposed to Black?
    Depends on the buyer.

    If the car is numbers matching and mainly complete then I say repaint it the correct color.
    Dont get me wrong Bamboo Cream is my least favorite color in 1970 on a GS.
    But it all comes down to what you like since you are the owner.

    Personally I would repaint it Bamboo if the above conditions apply.
    But I am more partial to the Show side of any car and try not to stray from what it came with.

    Its all about what "You" like.

  16. gstewart

    gstewart Well-Known Member

    sherwood green is nice with white interior.
  17. Nicholas Sloop

    Nicholas Sloop '08 GS Nats BSA runner up

    Here's my take. What are your plans for the car? "Keeper" or turn it over as an "investment" at some point? Is the drivetrain matching numbers? If it is, and you value getting what it is "worth" out of it in the future, keep it original. If it is not matching numbers, paint it what makes you happy. In my opinion, any deviation from the paint tag devalues the car. All black is just as "bad" as any 70 Buick factory color. Non-70 Buick color devalues it slightly more. But it does still depend on the buyer. The guy with $ to burn wanting a red GS will pass on your Bamboo Cream car and buy a color changed car. When you are talking about getting your $ out of a car, it is always a crap shoot. Do it the way you want it and stop thinking about "value."
  18. vin1489

    vin1489 vin1489

    Thanks I needed that.............
  19. Bad Buick

    Bad Buick Foe Fiddy Five

    Stratomist blue is one of my favorites. It looks good with a black vinyl top and black interior. :TU:
  20. LAST1987GN

    LAST1987GN Well-Known Member

    Color change

    I agree with Bob, here is a picture of my 71 GSx

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