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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by bigwilly, Sep 18, 2015.

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    I'm sure it's been talked about before....I have a skylark with 310 wildcat(300)...converting points to HEI.....I know I need to run a 12 guage feed with constant 12volt to question is best way to connect to where ?? I thought about just remove resister wire from Ignition switch and replace with 12ga and run thru firewall to HEI...any ideas or other suggestions ??? thanks
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    The way I did it was to just unplug the bulkhead connector from the firewall on the engine side and replace the resistor wire with a similar gauge stranded wire going to the coil. The wire inside the car going to the ignition switch isn't resistor wire anyway.

    Disconnect the battery first. Once you have unplugged the bulkhead connector, it's easy to remove the correct pin from the connector by pushing it out from the front. You can cut it off and take it to a NAPA auto parts store as they carry the pins. Just crimp another wire in the new pin, put it back into the connector and run the wire to your coil. If you want to save the original resistor wire for possible use later on, don't cut it off but fold it back into the bundle and tape it off.

    If you have any trouble finding the new pins, let me know and I'll mail you one. :TU:

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