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Discussion in 'Board Supporters' started by kack, May 15, 2009.

  1. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Hi. Only two question mark.
    Can i send money in a envelope?
    Can i send English money?
    If so what is the address?
    Regards Goran
  2. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest


    It's very easy to open a PayPal account and transfer the money from your credit card or bank account.

    Svenska PayPal :Comp:

    If you don't want to do that, you can also transfer the money from your bank account to my bank account and I will "PayPal" it for you :TU:

    Sending foreign money isn't really a good idea, the receiver has to go to a bank and will lose money on the exchange rate and bank fee.
  3. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Hi again Erik. I dont have connection with any bank, last time was 1989.
    And i have some english money, thats why i wondering. Thanks Goran:Comp:
  4. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Maybe if i can find someone from United Kingdom?
    And go from there.... And pay for the hassle.
  5. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Goran, if you can purchase a money order, just mail it to Jim. DON'T put cash in an envelope!

    Via Mail:
    Make check or MO out to
    Mail to:
    1056 McKinley Street
    Anoka, MN. 55303

    This info is in the "How To Donate" thread in this same section of the board.
  6. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    An international money order alone costs 16 Euro, that's over 22 US$, a waste of money if you can pay for free from bank to bank or by PayPal.

    How do you pay for all those Buick items you are searching for on this board ?

    First change your Sterling into Swedish money, find a person in your family with a bank account and let him/her Paypal the money :TU:

    I can't believe that you can survive in this modern world without a bank account and credit card.
    How do you recieve your income, and how do you pay for things like your mortage/rent, water, gas, electricity, car insurance, road tax etc. etc. ?
  7. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Where are all the english people when you need them? Goran:Comp:
  8. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Wonder were Erik is, havent seen him on here for some times?
    Now i have a Bank card, how do i procide to do a donation?
    I think i need:
    Bank address
    Name and address for reciver
    Thanks Goran
  9. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise 1000+HP

    If you have a card with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Logo, you can just PM me the information, and I can run the card here. I also take American Express. It just has to have that logo, it can be a check card that deducts straight from your account, or a credit card. Either one is fine.

    I need

    Name as it appears on the card
    Address the statement for the card goes to
    Card Number
    Expiration date
    3 digit code on the back

    Amount of the donation

    If you want to wire transfer straight from your bank account, I can send you the info for that.


  10. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Pm sent. Thanks Goran.

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