Driver side upper control arm

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  1. Stan1971

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    hey everyone I’m doing the control arm bushings on my 71. I have all the nuts off the top control arm but it won’t slide off due to the steering shaft are the bolts holding the control arm suppose to come out?
  2. telriv

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    Yes, the bolts do come out, but DON'T try to twist them out. Instead use a hammer & knock them out. They have a knurled end & if you try to twist them out you will lose the knurling so that when it comes time to do an alignment the bolts will turn & be difficult to hold in place. Worse case is the nuts are not tight enough & the shims then fall out.

    Tom T.
  3. 1973gs

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    If the control arm will clear the exhaust manifold, why don't you just remove the steering shaft? Why take the upper control arm studs out if you don't have to? I'd leave them in if they're in good shape. Some of the new studs don't seem to bite into the frame like the old ones. It's also possible that the frame holes are slightly larger due to rust.
  4. ToddsGS

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  5. Premier 350

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    I'd go the steering shaft route. Easier to remove & refit than the control arm bolts, and if the rag joint is as old as the bushes, you may as well replace it at the same time.

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