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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by bherbert, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. bherbert

    bherbert Well-Known Member

    I want to lower the stance of my stock 69 Riviera. I don't want to slam it or anything, I just want a lower, cleaner look.

    Should I go with 1" or 2" lowering springs?

    Or...should I go 2" in the front and 1" in the rear for a little bit of a rake, or would that look stupid on an otherwise stock Riviera?

    Just wondering what other have done and if you have any photos.


  2. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    2" in front and rear.

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  3. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    If it still has the factory springs, chances are it's probably lowered 1" already from them sagging. 2" seems to be a nice happy medium.
  4. cjp69

    cjp69 Platinum Level Contributor

    I used 2 inch (fr) and 1 inch (rear) dropped coils in my 69 GS and I think the stance and driveability is just right for a non air ride car.

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