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Discussion in 'Jeeps with the Buick Heartbeat' started by mattywilz, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. mattywilz

    mattywilz Member

    So I've been looking for a fan shroud for some time now for my B350 powered Gladiator and have had no luck finding one (except for a $500 NOS gem that I had to pass on :shock:). The shroud that came on it originally looked to be right but is in 3 pieces and large chunks are gone... makes me wonder how that happened...:idea2:

    I currently run the stock 4 blade fan(no clutch)/no shroud and my temps creep up at idle to about 220 after a couple minutes. Driving around it is fine, stays around 180 so I'm thinking it is probably an airflow issue. Radiator has been recored, has a new heater core, and tstat. It has become a royal pain the arse while trying to get the carb dialed in at idle. It is sort of like a race to get it right before I have to shut the engine down and I'm sick of it.

    I've emailed zack at zm jeeps about his fiberglass amc version shroud and he said a number of Buick powered owners just use this one and drill out the proper holes for the right fit. Anyone here use this shroud? I really do not want to tackle making one out of fiberglass..
  2. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    If you are interested,I have a metal fan with 7 blades,the same as yours with 4 blades,I also have the same 7 blades in fiberglass. Anyone of them for $25.00 plus shipping,Just a thought.If you are interested,send me a PM.BrunoD.
  3. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Sorry for the late reply!

    Have you tried the IFSJ forum to find a shroud?

    Your best bet might be to swap in an electric fan. If you hit the junkyard you might be able to find a 90s Lincon mark 5 electric fan. This is one of the better fans out there.

    Once you get the fan sorted out make sure you set your base timing and then adjust the idle mixture screws to get max vacuum when the truck is in gear. Then set your idle speed and you should be good.
  4. lkmarsh

    lkmarsh Well-Known Member

    Never yet seen the OEM shroud for the Buick Jeep. My guess is they were too weak in too many places. Cutting up a new shroud makes no sense to me. May as well grab something close from the wrecking yard and make it fit. I found a steel shroud and cut it down to fit. Running a 19" 7-blade flex fan, no clutch, a four-core, and now it never gets hot. Getting caught in traffic was a problem, but now it's all good.
  5. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    Hey all,

    I've had 4 sets of radiator fan shrouds that all eventually crack and fall apart due to the heating and reheating of the thin fiberglass shroud and become brittle with age.

    I still have two upper sections of the shroud, the bottom edge usually breaks first, then it splits in half at the top of the fan arc or near it.

    I will eventually pattern a replacement new hand made fiberglass shroud.

    Last summer, I ran without my fan shroud, custom core radiator worked out on my 1970 J-3000 Gladiator.

    A friend from the CA_FSJA on yahoogroups hand built his shroud 2 years ago.

  6. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    If you go with the lincoln electric fan,, which is your best option,,, you will have to install a higher amp alternator,, or it will run your battery down with you driving will need 100 amps... :Smarty:
  7. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Funny I just saw this post. Mike at TA hooked me up with a guy with one of these trucks. His shroud got busted up when the fan let go. The bottom piece was busted out and he also said this was a common weak point on these things. So I told the owner I can put his back together enough to make a mold and then produce a copy for him. I'll probably use a vinyl ester or marine resin which should make for a stronger shroud. The electric fans are one way to go, but if a guy wants to keep the stock set up, I may be able to help. I'm working this project in parallel with my hood project so I can get this relitively smaller project completed. If you have any qustions, you can e-mail me at Here's some pics of the busted shroud and one of the initial mock up of getting the shroud back together. I have to tweak it a little more and then epoxy it back together before doing the final finishing prior to making the mold.

    Luckily this guy had an extra busted shroud because I have to graft in a piece where the trans line goes on the lower left.


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  8. randyre

    randyre Member

    Any idea what the projected cost will be? I don't have a shroud at all, so I hope this would be a complete replacement without needing a bustes one for parts.

  9. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Haven't gotten to the part where I'm buying materials yet, but I'd say way less than $100, closer to 50 or 60.
  10. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    Thank you Craig for having a source at TA Performance.
    Can Mike get a MFG Co to build one or know where we could get the dimensions of your sample?
    I have halves but not the complete lower portion.

  11. mattywilz

    mattywilz Member

    Here is an old picture I just dug up on my computer, it has the dimensions listed, but I'm not sure how accurate they are. I can email the image to anyone that wants/needs it.
  12. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    Craig, where are you at with this project? I'll give you one hundred dollars for one if it's slick looking. Let me know if you're interested.
    Thanks: Jim
  13. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Just finished screwing, gluing and pasting the busted up part back together :) It's primered now, this weekend I should get it painted so I can make a plug off of it. I'll have a part for sale shortly.

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  14. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    I'm in line for a couple. Please post pics as you go. I've wanted to make these before but do not have the time or knowledge to do so.
  15. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    How are we progressing?
  16. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    I'm sure all the old Buick powered Wagoneers & Gladiators are broken.

    That rebuild looks really nice, thanks for taking on the project, I'll look forward to the end result.

    Can't wait, although my custom 4-core hasn't had any problems last year without.
    It'll be nice to feel good again.

    Thanks, Mac
    1970 J-3000 Gladiator
  17. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    Any new info? Progress? I've recently installed a 454 in mine so a fan shroud would be nice.
  18. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Platinum Level Contributor

    Yes, getting there. I painted the "plug" with urethane this past weekend so I can prep it to pull a mold off of it hopefully this coming weekend! Kind of a pain with the shape, I have to make it a 4 piece mold due to the shape of the thing.Not too big a deal, just a little more work than having something simple that you can do with a one piece.

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  19. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    Look'n good.
  20. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    Thanks for the update and pictures!

    Have you decided what version of materials you plan on using for the the mold?
    Do you pour as a liquid?
    Or make layers of fiberglass cloth?

    I'm not very knowledgable on the fabrication fiberglass process.
    I'm curious to build a version out of cold rolled steel? With hammer and bending?

    Thanks, Mac

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