Fuel-resistant epoxy to seal well plugs

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    My favorite carb, the Carter Theromquad, has an issue with leaking primary jet wells. The only way to fix this is to glue or epoxy the phenolic well caps to the phenolic body. The problem is finding a suitable adhesive that is fuel/ethanol resistant. After speaking with a couple of application engineers at Permatex and Loctite, there may be some candidates. Masterbond and Miller Stephenson both have products but they only sell to businesses and have minimum orders. Loctites E-120hp epoxy adheres to thermoset plastics (phenolic), has good high temperature properties (rated to 250 F continous, retains 50% shear strength at 200 F), at is resistant to gas (at 1000 hrs exposure to gas, has 105% shear strength, relative to initial strength when first cured), acetone (1000 hr rating of 100%), and isopropanol (110%). Can be bought on Amazon, RS Hughes, etc with tubes and nozzles for about $30.

    Some other adhesvies, which are supposed to be fuel resistant, are Loctite Stick N Seal Oil and gas adhesive, Permatex Motoseal , Seal All by Eclectic products, Versa Chem heavy duty fuel tank repair, and QuickSteel plastic tank repair by Blue Magic. These are not hard like an epoxy, rather more like a pliable bond, and may work.

    My plan is to purchase these and test them all. I plan to take some scrap pieces of phenolic and adhere them together. After being allowed to fully cure, they will be tested for 40 days (1000 hrs) and compared to the control sample. Test samples will be submerged in E10 premium gas, with control samples exposed only to air. The mechanical comparison will be simply to twist the samples by hand and compare their relative feel.
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    JB marine weld works also ive got 2 carbs in service using it
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    I use the marine tex too, works most of the time on Q-Jet wells.....nothing short of drilling, tapping, plugging is foolproof. And we're talking different materials too.
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    See thread with gas test results

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