gto station wagon? is there such a beast?

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by TROSE11SECGN, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Keith Seymore

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    I agree, especially when it comes to all the electronic controls we have now. It is very difficult to predict, create or duplicate every scenario that these vehicles will encounter.

  2. Dave H

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    Wow, no idea it was that many but shouldn't be surprised. I used to live down that way (West of Bowling Green by the big dams) and worked for a family that owned a little drive in theater. The owner started buying up Model T's in the early 60's and ended up with 75 or so in 2 or 3 years. Many were partials and they built a big pole barn just to store the parts.

    Evry now and then they'd decide to build something. like a 1921 Touring car when I was there one summer). Had plenty of parts to do it. Word spread and people started dragging in all kinds of oddball and old stuff for a few bucks (to go buy moonshine, I think). We filled the back ramp and had them scatterred all ovedr that drive in as well as fields full of Model A's, fat fender 40's cars, etc. etc. Some were beautiful. They later got into the tri five Chevies and I would guess musclecars later. They built a museum there called Calvert Auto Museum (near Calvert City). Probably gone now,but I heard my friend has retired from the chemical plant and reactivated the old drive in. He was the brains and talent behind his Dad's collection, so I wouldn't be surprised that many of those cars would still be around down there.

    Funny thing is, I don't think there was a Mopar in the group. Larry probably had all of them. :laugh:
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    Incorrect parts are installed at times. My car came with NO cid call outs and the wrong cam. It had a 2 step down (standard 4bbl) cam. Still ran almost 104.

    The documentation still shows how it was ordered and emissions sticker shows the engine that was in it. Original emissins sticker is still on the car.

    Documents of some kind are stilll required to establish authenticity. Did some come from PMD (not off the line) with other than correct parts/emblems. Yes, but not off the assembly line. GTO wagons and RA-V factory off the assembly lines did not happen. Proof is on the tale bearer to prove the authenticity of their car not on the car community to disprove it. With PHS and the vin it can be either proved or disproved.
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    Tony Rose BPG#1139:
    I am interested in knowing everything about your 1959 Merc wagon. Please send full pix, description and price to John Slusar (Carman35)

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