Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

Discussion in 'Buick "Widows" support group' started by NOTNSS, May 9, 2004.


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  2. Greg Schmelzer

    Greg Schmelzer What are you looking at?!

    Yeah, yeah...

    I'll second that!!:TU:

    On a side note, Happy Mother's Day to all the single fathers out there, too.

    I got a couple of Mother's Day cards from my daughter yesterday. Kind of a nice surprise.

    I know I can't be the only single Dad out here,:TU: :TU:

    Now, guys and gals, get off the computer and call or go see your Mom.:laugh:
  3. Harold Rolls

    Harold Rolls Well-Known Member

    <<<<<<<<MOTHER'S DAY>>>>>>>>

    To all the mother's out there, I hope you have a wonderful time on your special day.:TU:

    Harold Rolls.
  4. Mentalkase

    Mentalkase Desert Coonass

    Greg,I have been raising my son for almost 7 years,and this is a rarity when people mention single dads on Mothers Day.Thank you for that,and happy Mothers Day back to you and all the moms and single dads out there who have sacrificed so much to make sure their kids were taken care of.

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