Heat/AC Cables 1968 Skylark

Discussion in 'Interior City' started by Rich Skylark, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Rich Skylark

    Rich Skylark Gold Level Contributor

    On a 68 skylark with air, how many cables are used to control functions? Red & Blue awe clearly marked but so body mentioned a third ( green ? ) Car has only had 2 since I owned it . One for heat other for defog/deice ; is OPG the only supplier for a/c cars ? Anybody have a decent used set ?
  2. Rich Skylark

    Rich Skylark Gold Level Contributor

    Anybody ?
  3. taf44667

    taf44667 69 Vert 4-Speed

    Not sure if 68/69 are the same but on a 69 non-air car (red) is temperature control and (blue) is defrost and (green) is outside air. According to my manual for 69 Air - it shows only one cable (red) to control temp. Looks like all other functions are controlled by vacuum hoses not cables.

    Hopefully someone with a 68 manual can confirm,
  4. Rich Skylark

    Rich Skylark Gold Level Contributor

    Thanks Terry for the info; red & blue are plain view but OPG for 68 w/air lists " 3 cable kit" have no idea where " green" cable would go . My service manual from what I can see is red-heat & blue- defrost/deice . Anybody have a 68 with a/c & 3 cables?
  5. 71SkylarkAZ

    71SkylarkAZ Well-Known Member

    Hey guys where are you finding these color coded cables at? I need a red one for my 71 Skylark. Or maybe a full set

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