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    -Hey guys! I'm a Buick Noob and I've just recently acquired a 1964 Buick LeSabre 2dr Hardtop. I'm hoping to get her back on the road soon. It's pretty solid (besides the swiss cheese hood) and runs great. Below are a few photos.

    -The first thing I'll be working on is the Disk Brakes upgrade. Then, I will be moving onto the weatherstripping and eventually bodywork. Is there anything I should do/check out before I take it out on the road? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    -I was hoping to find help identifying the engine. It seems to be a 1972 Buick 350 (5.7) according to this site:


    -Also, what models share body parts (such as the hood) with the 1964 LeSabre?

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    WELCOME! Looks like a fun project... I'll let others more knowledgeable than I answer your questions as I only know enough about 1970 GS's and 1971 Skylark's to be dangerous; but I am looking forward to moving to Miami this fall.
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    A 64 Buick Wildcat also has the 123" wheelbase. Trim may not be the same.
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    Thanks Guys!

    • Bad Boattail - I checked between the 1 and 3 spark plugs and found, what appears to be an "SO" and "I33". I looked it up and found that the "SO" means that it is a 1970 Buick 350. Is there a significant difference between the Buick 350 from 1970 and 1972?

    • flynbuick - I will keep that in mind when looking for a hood.

    • Michael_G - Nice! Make sure to bring your winter coats. Our week-long winters are almost unbearable! It sometimes gets all the way down to the mid 50's!:D

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    Thats a beautiful car

    STREETFIGHTER50 Well-Known Member

    That’s gonna be a nice project. Since nice and aggressive already with the low stance and fat meats!

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