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  1. Anita Behrle

    Anita Behrle 75 Free Spirit Owner

    :grin: Didn't know there was a ladies forum until now. Interested in hearing from the other female muscle buick owners. Mine is a 1975 Century Custom Free Spirit Pace Car Replica. Tell me about your cars, and I also have some rebuilding knowledge. ::beer
  2. jeff bullock

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    Anita, welcome to the Buick v8 board! I am not a woman but would like to welcome you none the less . You'll find that there are not a nicer group of people any where on the net and will get all of your Buick questions answered . A word of advice though. Most technical questions will recieve the quickest answers on one of the other forums on this board. Someone you might try to contact about your car would be Roberta . She seems to have a pretty good handle on our Buick documentation.:TU: You can usually find her on "The Paper Trail" . Good luck with your Century.It sounds like a cool ride .Do you have any pictures of it you can post?:bglasses:
  3. Anita Behrle

    Anita Behrle 75 Free Spirit Owner


    Thanks for the update on where to find stuff. Glad to have found your site. I use a publlic computer, and can't send pictures. Don't have one yet anyway., I got the car around christmas. It has belonged to qquite a string of idiots:stmad: and needs alot of work. Then Ill buy a scanner just to show it off:grin:
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    Welcome to the group. I hope you will find this group as much fun as I do! I had wanted another '65 mainly for sentimental reasons. The first car I ever drove was my moms 65 Skylark and I never forgot it.
    The original engine for this car was blown up in 1984. It sat until the late nineties (I'm thinking 98 or 99) at which point it was sold. New owner had an engine and transmission rebuilt from a '66 Riviera for it and once again, there it sat. I finally grew exasperated and bought the darn thing, not running, in August 2001. And so it came to pass, on Sept 30 2002, that car found it's way home with it's benefactor. Running (and stopping!) I still have a lot of things to do and have done but I have to believe the worst is over.
    I am just resting up this winter (and eating a lot of spinach!) as I think I am going to be shlepping a lot more parts this year!
    I shortened this story up as best I could, it has been a *very* interesting experience to say the least!
    Look forward to seeing your car and good luck with it!
    Time for some '60's music, the time of your life, is today.

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