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Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by Mark Weymouth, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Mark Weymouth

    Mark Weymouth Well-Known Member

    Hemmings has given our Pure Stock clan another big shot in the arm. They have gotten more and more involved with mini shootouts and articles on PS cars even sending our PS cars through to the Muscle Machine of the Year opportunities. They are giving us another great opportunity and I wanted to publicly thank them for it here. They are stepping up to the pump and renting the track on Thursday before our beloved event for 16 racers. They just asked for four more cars yesterday so it is still growing!

    We are trying to represent a wide range of ET's and brands here. I do need a little help making a few contacts or making sure that everyone who is invited knows they are actually invited! I don't have a contact for everyone who is on the list. This is coming together later than expected so any help is very much appreciated.

    List of racers who have responded already:

    GT-37 455 HO - Mike Sparks (newbie)
    400 T/A - Paul Aragona
    390 AMX - Dale Wells
    '64 Hemi - Rick Mahoney
    L89 Chevelle - Tim
    L79 Corvette - Donny
    '69 Z/28 - Rich Rinke
    GSX S1 - Roberta
    LS6 Chevelle - Larry
    Boss 302 - Mark
    442 W30 - Dan

    I have a shout out to:

    429 Cobra - Chris Jones
    Hemi B body - Jim Keys
    GS - Jeremy Nicol
    Ram Rod (Olds) - Dave H.

    *If anyone wants to hit them up and let them know to make sure they get the message I would appreciate it as I do not have phone numbers to anyone but Jim.

    Lastly I want to add a Stude:

    Tomato - I really want this car and its storied driver there. Can someone please help me out getting these guys notified and making sure we have a Studebaker or Avanti in the group.

    Again, I want to thank HMM for doing this for us and I hope we can make this more of a routine and get more people and more cars involved in the future. We are going to be a prime aspect of something special coming for them here in the near future and we really hope we represent them and our selves well to their readership.

  2. Ryan 1969 Cheve

    Ryan 1969 Cheve Well-Known Member

    Wow, that sounds great.

    Thursday Sept 11th?

    What time? I have the day off to travel to PSMCDR, if I leave early I should be able to watch all the action!!


    PS: MY daughter says I get grumpy just before PSMCDR and thinks I get "PMSCDR" in anticipation.
  3. Jeremy McNicol

    Jeremy McNicol We had a good time

    Sounds good Mark
    I will be there
  4. SmallHurst

    SmallHurst The Polyglas Pimp!


    I tried to reply to you. Mail box is full. Call my cell. 816-654-3400.
  5. Mark Weymouth

    Mark Weymouth Well-Known Member

    I cleaned out the mail box so it should not be full anymore.

    Shootout time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

    I want to thank everyone for helping get contacts going for me.

    Ted can't make it early this time around.
    Chris and the Cobra are in.
    Jeremy and the Buick are in.
    Dave H. and the Ram Rod or any Olds are out.

    We already have fixes for some of these.

  6. Rich Johns

    Rich Johns Platinum Level Contributor

    I am interested, how many Buicks do they want or do they just one car of each brand?
  7. Postsedan

    Postsedan 13427 L78

    You cannot have enough Buicks :TU:

    Have fun everyone.

  8. LON

    LON Well-Known Member

    That's cool! Thanks HMM
  9. 51 Chicken Hawk

    51 Chicken Hawk Well-Known Member

    Mark, thanks for thinking of us. Unfortunately, I've already commited Wednesday and will not be able to attend and will not be leaving for Stanton until Thursday afternoon. I've told some other Stude people they might want to contact you if you are interested in their car.

    Again, thanks an also to Donnie for contacting me about it.

  10. Mark Weymouth

    Mark Weymouth Well-Known Member

    An update on Thursday's HMM Shootout. We have a really nice mix of cars now that represent a pretty broad spectrum of engine size, body styles, and we got some great new drivers involved who have missed out on this in the past. And a few changes to add some early muscle to the event.

    There have been some changes due to unforeseen happenings to a few racers but here is the list as expected at the race.

    421 SD - Bruno
    SD T/A - Paul
    455 HO GTO - Ron
    390 AMX - Dale
    '64 Race Hemi - Rick
    B Body Hemi - Jim
    L89 Chevelle - Tim
    L79 Vette - Donny
    '69 Z/RS - Rich
    '62 409 x 409 - Larry
    GSX S1 - Roberta
    GS S1 - Jeremy
    442 W30 Auto - Dan
    442 W30 4spd - Steve
    429 SCJ Cobra - Chris
    Boss 302 - Mark

    I want to thank Dave Dudek, Donny and Chris S. for helping chase everyone down with me.
  11. Ryan 1969 Cheve

    Ryan 1969 Cheve Well-Known Member

    Oh man does that look like a fun sand box, I need to buy a new shovel and pail.........................................


    PS: was able to change my reservation at the Sorta-Comfortable Inn to Wed-Thur-Fri, instead of Thur-Fri-Sat, to attend this HMM shootout:)
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  12. morganjd

    morganjd COPO 9560

    Tell me more about ricks 64 race hemi, sounds cool
  13. Brian Stefina

    Brian Stefina Well-Known Member

    From what I understand there were 35 steel clip '64 race hemi cars made.

    This is one, possibly the only one.
  14. Mark Weymouth

    Mark Weymouth Well-Known Member

    I want to thank all 20 participants at the HMM Shootout. We had a few last minute changes and a couple adds on that morning. It was great seeing everyone jump in and help make this a reality.

    Tim, congrats on nailing down an 11 second pass. Amazing and Stanton will have to repave the return lanes as you surely put the most miles on of anyone attending those three days. Just awesome!

    Jim Keys had his GTX Hemi in attendance and we just had to have it. Thanks for tuning and keeping two cars doing runs.

    To balance the GTX add out a certain Orange Firebird jumped in the fray from Canada to keep the numbers even and some great passes at the very last moment were made.

    Rich Rinke sold his '69 Z and new owner Jeff was putting ET's down in it. Rich wasn't left out as the AMX was a last moment pull and Rich put his '70 Z on the track for its first pass ever that morning. It looked like the paint was still wet. He wasn't ready but he was a kind fill in with no notice.

    Julie dropped her Vette out of the hauler and got called to duty to try and help even out the 11 second club that was the domain of the Hemi cars at that time. She did great work keeping those monster Mopar's honest.

    Rhonda got the call to race with about 24 hours notice and shoed her Old's perfectly as usual. Thanks for being a strong part of the three girl racers club.

    We had some killer small block runs. Donny's Vette getting 12 second passes with regularity for the first time at Stanton was great to see. And it just got better all weekend for Donny. Jeff's 302 Z saw a best of 13.6xx. And looked fantastic shooting down the track in Cortez silver. The little Boss made a best pass of 12.776 on a 1.912 short time. Later it finally saw its first 109 mph pass at 109.03. Snuck another 109.07 out in the first round Saturday.

    I had to leave early Saturday and I want to thank Jody Traylor for taking the last minute job of shoeing the Boss down the track against Menzo Dodge and his rocket of a GS. The GS went 12.500 in the second round. I left on the run and gave Jody instructions to launch at 2500 and shift at 6800. Handed him my helmet and he got his first time behind the wheel in the staging lanes. Not real fair but he put in a great effort to try and figure it out. Thank you to Menzo for understanding. I did get one great pass in against the GS and it was fender to fender the entire run, .03 covered us from reaction times to final ET's.

    Great show everyone and HMM was very pleased and is looking to make this a budget line item in the future!!!

  15. hodgesgi

    hodgesgi Well-Known Member

    Thank you to the folks at Hemmings and to Mark, for expending the time and effort to make the shoot-out happen. It was fun!
  16. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    Thanks to Terry, Matt and Mark for putting this together.........and extra day of racing was pretty cool

    (Dan, Dennis, Lyndon...hint hint hint)
  17. Tim Clary

    Tim Clary Well-Known Member

    Terry , Matt, and Mark cant thank you enough. Rhonda and I Had a great time. Really did. Shootouts were great- the track was great/ The fact I got and extra day to play was a Bonus.. Can't wait to see the pics :kodak:
  18. Jeremy McNicol

    Jeremy McNicol We had a good time

    Doing the shootout for magazine was cool. Couldn't help but have a great time
  19. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Pit bicycles rule!

    Thanks, Mark & The Hemmings Muscle Machines Crew.
    HMM has been extra nice to me.
    Truck loads of appreciation.
    Happy to be a part of this latest project and have an extra day at the track!

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