Holley fuel line with performer intake

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    Anyone running a 4150 style Holley on a performer intake? I'm ready to go nuts. Many fuel lines wont clear the intake runner, and the ones that do, all have leaked so far. I cant run more of a spacer because of hood clearance. I'm already running a thicker heat resistant gasket.
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    Have you tried a fuel log style instead of the hard line style?

    I have total of 2-3/4" spacer on mine and its right there so no doubt you'd be having an issue without much of a spacer.

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    I've made them before - metal tubing and brass fittings . the newer nickel/copper alloy line bends nice and looks pretty good . we have some coated stuff that looks good also . if careful they come out ok . then you can kind of make them clear . and you can do a center "T" instead of a front split . of course if you need custom bling might not cut it .
    leaking up near the carb inlet from the male threads on fuel line ? some inlet female threads are not cut deep enough and the male threads can not seat the flare fully = leak . you can actually grind off a couple threads on end CAREFULLY and then clean up threads .
    also on the cheaper chrome inlet lines be sure and check the opening size on the carb end . a lot of them only have like a 1/4" after they flare it . easy to drill out .
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