Holley Sniper Hyperspark Ignition System

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by Electra Bob, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Electra Bob

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    Santa came early! Stealthily disguised as a UPS truck driver...

    Took advantage of a holiday sale over at the Holley web site and scored all the bits needed to convert to Sniper Hyperspark ignition. This will plug into the Sniper EFI on the Electra and allow it full control of ignition timing.

    This will be a spring project. It's barely in double digits in my garage at present! Write up to follow.

    Hall effect distributor, coil and ignition controller. Also came with plug in wiring looms to hook it all up.
    HyperSpark Ignition (1024).jpg
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  2. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    Got it sitting on the shelf as well incl. the HOLLEY EFI SNIPER for my Twin Turbo Setup i am really looking forward to install it and take advantage of 2019 technology on my SBB with modern EFI :)
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