I'm looking forward to shooting you!

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by The Photo Guy, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. The Photo Guy

    The Photo Guy Well-Known Member

    I'm going to shoot the hell out of all your kick ass cars at Mid Michigan. I'll be there both days this year.
    Mike The Photo Guy

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  2. Marvin's65

    Marvin's65 In progress :|

    Nice pictures!
    Must be an expensive camera...my $100 camera doesnt do that :puzzled:
  3. morganjd

    morganjd COPO 9560

    Mike went to the same high school as i did and drove a hemi road runner untill it was stolen!! His pictures are second to none. He can print 8x10's right there and can blow up any picture to a 2x3 foot poster that is just as clear.
    I am looking forward to a burn out picture from him this year
  4. Don Harber

    Don Harber Well-Known Member

    I bought both sizes last year and got the 2x3 framed and hanging in my shop's waiting room.
    The clarity still amazes me every time I walk past it.
    Biggest picture in my showroom,and that's the way it should be.
    Best money spent all weekend.
    Now, getting it framed is another story:kodak:
  5. Dave Watt

    Dave Watt Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mike, those photos are great. See you there.
  6. The Photo Guy

    The Photo Guy Well-Known Member

    I'll get some great smoky burnout shots. You guys just light em up and smile.
    I'm going to send my best stuff to Car Craft this year with a little story. You guys deserve the exposure. Here's the only shot I have of the Hemi. I miss that car every day. I shouldn't bitch, I beat the hell out of that car for 2 years. It never let me down. Those were some great times. $1700 for a Hemi Road Runner 4 speed with 7900 miles on it.
    I'll see you soon.
    Mike TPG

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  7. doug mesman

    doug mesman Member

    Bought your photo last year, very nice!
  8. The Photo Guy

    The Photo Guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Hope we get a good car count this year.
    Mike TPG
  9. 442w30

    442w30 Well-Known Member

    There's a possibility I may want someone to take some pics for me (and you too!) as being in the tower makes it hard to get some of the action. If you know how to use an SLR, please let me know at the show.
  10. moparcrazy

    moparcrazy New Member

    Photo Guy, can you e-mail me directly??? I might have something that would put some coins in your pocket. :TU:
    John Troxel
  11. fjr340gts

    fjr340gts Grocery Getter

    Just make sure you send a bunch of photos of cars other than CHEVIES and stress to the folks at Chevy Craft.....er Car Craft.... that there are other cars out there besides those wearing a bow-tie!! :TU:
  12. Donny Brass

    Donny Brass 12 Second Club Member

    there were ??
  13. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Well, I know for certain that they didn't any pictures of Ramrods last year to send to Chevy Craft . I must have asked 4 times, but none taken. Cash money ready to spend!

    Not that I need any more pics of it after 40 years; was looking for a coupla really good 8 x 10's to put on the garage wall. Did get two great ones at York, and ordered 8 x 10's of each to be framed. They came out great.

    One of my Oldsmobile racing friends in Chicago area makes clocks and has made a clock for me with this one. He does a really nice job on these.

  14. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Heh, heh, heh.........another successful highjack......:beers2: :beers2: :beers2:
  15. SmallHurst

    SmallHurst The Polyglas Pimp!

  16. pegleg

    pegleg Well-Known Member

    So THAT's how you time an Oatsmobile, with a clock!!! Why didn't I think of that?
  17. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Yeah, before we rebuilt it, we used a sun dial and a calendar. :beers2:
  18. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    Well?? Were you there?
  19. The Photo Guy

    The Photo Guy Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took so long to start posting. I had some wrighting deadlines to hit. I got a little time last night to start going through the 2200 images got from the event. The cars all looked , sounded and smelled great. It looks like someone stole all the cars in line at Barrett Jacksons auction and went to the local dragstrip with them. A truly great event. If you're interested in any prints or CD's of your cars, email me at thephotoguy@earthlink.net I'll search my files and send you samples of what I have. Thanks for bringing out all the great cars. Here are some samples of what I have.
    Mike Yoksich
    "The Photo Guy"

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  20. The Photo Guy

    The Photo Guy Well-Known Member

    A few more images.
    Mike TPG

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