J10 convert AMC 360 to Buick 350

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    Hello fellow Jeep J-pickup enthusiasts. My son and I have a 1973 Jeep J2000 that currently has an AMC 360 (which is locked) and the mated automatic with Quadratrac transfer case. Since I am a Buick nut, I have a Buick 350 laying around starving to go into something. Have any of you guys dealt with this conversion? I know the earlier Jeep pickups came with Buick 350s, but wondering what it would take to swap in a 350 Buick and mate it to the existing frame and automatic transmission.
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    Im dropping a Buick 350 in from the 230 Tornado. From what I was told, it is not a hard process. Buick has some large funky looking motor mounts for the jeep pickup, and I'll show you a pic. As far as the tranny mate to things, I cruise around the Novak adapters page here: https://www.novak-adapt.com/
    A wealth of info on that site. Your radiator should still work too, if it has that top hose inlet that is angled.
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    Buick 350 motor mounts for a jeep truck. Came out of a 68 J truck. 20190624_162712.jpg Screenshot_2019-06-24-16-45-45.png

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