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    Kenny Betts Racing was started to fill all the gaps in the current street through pro racing. I started driving Buicks at a very young age and never looked back. By the time I was 23 I already had owned 21 Buicks. I was fortunate to join up with Kenne-Bell Performance in the 70's. You could not ask or pay for the experience that was afforded to me there. I had built Nailheads to the then more modern big block 455's so I thought. By the time Owner Jim Bell, and Engine builder Doug Jones finished with me, I was set for life. A big detour into the construction industry was a blessing in disguise. That allowed me to do what I have been working on for several years. Design and manufacture the missing pieces for Nostalgia Top Fuel. With those parts in hand we are close to ready.
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    Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do for the Buick community
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