Looking for decent used 15's for my 72 Skylark Custom

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by milo4510, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. milo4510

    milo4510 Well-Known Member

    Tire options are better running 15's than 14's so I am looking for a decent used set.

  2. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    Joe Vega (azchevs) had advertised some off an early seventies Monte Carlo a while back. I may? have a single, (15 x 7 early seventies) if you find three. Frankly the best source might be a '77-'90 B car with NON fleet suspension so it will have a 4 3/4" wheel bolt pattern. Not sure if the "tabs" were still on rims at that point though, in order to snap on "poverty" caps.

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  3. Buickcub

    Buickcub Well-Known Member

    I have one good to very good 15x7 chrome rally wheel if it helps....

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