looking to replace my undermount a/c

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by Christy, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Christy

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    Ive got a 62 Special and it has an underdash airconditioner...rumors say it was factory, but I don't know if that was even an option. Anyway, This system blows, but not cold. I don't know if it's the compressor or what. Also the entire housing is cracked and is currently held up with duct tape (I did not do that to it!). Car has a great factory heater/defroster and I don't want to mess with that system.

    Does anyone have any experience with Vintage Air underdash systems? I'm curious if they work well, if I can replace what I have with one of their systems and if it will be straightforward enough that I can install it myself (If I choose it).

    This is my sad looking underdash unit.
    under dash ac unit.jpg
  2. musclecarz

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    Personally, I would restore that underdash because it looks period correct. But if deviating from period correct doesn't bother you, then you can purchase a generic underdash system less from other vendors than vintage. Southern air sells a pretty inexpensive kit and I believe nostalgic air also.

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