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Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Mike Sobotka, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Mart

    Mart Gold level member

    I have about 5 new sets of these if anyone runs this size 1/2"-20.
    I have both L.H. & R.H. thread. They were original Dodge Viper lug nuts. Solid chromed steel.
    20200122_192839.jpg 20200122_192729.jpg
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  2. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    1/2 x 20 is big car
  3. 71GSX

    71GSX Well-Known Member

    Would you be interested in selling those.
    Thanks Zach
  4. Mart

    Mart Gold level member

    Wasn't planning to, they are the originals for my 14" rallye wheels. They are a piss poor design from GM.
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  5. 71GSX

    71GSX Well-Known Member

    These are the ones that came on my GSX. I have some of the originals. Looking to complete a set. PM me a price if you are interested in selling them.
  6. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    I do stock the Stainless Versions from CARS. These are probably the nicest repro's out there and it's what we use on our Restorations.

    $96 for the set...….



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