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Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by partsrparts, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I have a 1976 skylark,
    I remember reading on here somewhere about a year ago when I put the 350 in place of the v6 about using the v6 motor mounts, I thought it was said that the 350 mounts would raise 1 side higher than the other. was I reading it right?
    the v6 mount on the pass. side seems to be broke after 3500mi. can I run the 350 mounts? and what is a good brand?
    thanks, keith
  2. partsrparts

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  3. LARRY70GS

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    All you need to do is search this forum. I came up with this thread,

    From the little I read, the v6 and 350 use the same frame pads and motor mounts, and the 350 is a drop in, and why shouldn't it, you could get one from the factory with a 350. As far as motor mount brands, in this day and age, I bet all the mounts are made in China and just re boxed under different brand names. I'd just go to and get the one with the best price.

    Just took a look at rockauto, the mounts are different part numbers for 231 and 350, but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't all work. I would compare the pictures to what you have and replace both mounts.
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    Back in the 90's I was burning through drivers side mounts every 10k with my 231 odd fire. I kept getting them at Napa. After the odd fire died I swapped in a 79 even fire stuffed with a bunch of Kenne Bell goodies, offy intake and a set of headers. I never had another problem with the mounts.
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    thanks Larry, i'll do that.
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    with mine it appears to be pass. side, really rocks over going into reverse from park. idle rpm in park is 750, 550 in gear
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    Update! after battling for 2 wks over motor mount issues i found that on my 76 skylark that came with the 231 v6 that the frame pads are indeed different from the v6 to the 350, before i installed the motor i purchased new 350 motor mounts and installed when i dropped in the motor, the mounts wouldn't let the motor drop down far enough to put the through bolt in, ( by about 3/4" ). since i got those from auto zone or one of those other chains, i have found that what they say fits buick doesn't usually, so i ordered a set from TA, same mounts, so on my X-body atleast i know that frame pads are different. (i went back with v6 mounts again because i don't know where to get the frame pads for a v8 except wrecking yard and i'm really not wanting to pull lower control arms again).
    By the way i have 2 sets of brand new 350 mounts if anyone is interested.

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    Finding a X body (73 - 79) with an engine other than the Chev L6, V-8, or Buick V-6 is a fairly rare find.

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