My 1968 Cutlass Supreme W-31 tribute

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    I just got this out of the shop after almost a year, and the LeSabre wagon is going into the shop to take its place. I bought this '68 Cutlass in the fall of 2017. I was in the market for a Cutlass, but initially passed on this Cutlass Supreme because it's not a stock Olds color. I think it's a Pontiac color called Aleutian Blue. But I kept going back to it because it caught my eye and I really liked the color. It's a very nice, very clean 48,000 mile car and the repaint was done very well. Since the color and the hood are not correct, I wasn't too concerned with keeping it stock, so I decided to have some fun.


    Oldsmobile had the W-31 option for the Cutlass lineup in 1968, which was the lumpy-cam, high-winding 350 along with some other goodies. It was primarily ordered on the lower line, lighter weight cars, but was available on the Supreme. However, when ordered on the Supreme, the standard 350 4bbl Supreme engine remained. The W-31 engine was not part of the package. I assume this was to help reduce customer complaints, since the buyer of a high-line Supreme would not likely be happy with the erratic idle.

    We added the outside air induction system from the W-31, along with a slightly tamer modern version of the W-31 camshaft. The original W-31's camshaft was too radical to support an automatic transmission, power brakes, or air conditioning. We added high-performance exhaust manifolds, modified the heads for large valves, and added fuel injection. We also added power disc brakes and air conditioning (it was a drum-brake, non-air car).



    We pulled the original 2-speed Jetaway transmission and replaced it with a built 200R4, along with 3.73 gears and anti-spin (posi).


    The disc brakes necessitated moving up to a 15" wheel, so we went with Olds SS1 repros, 7" in front and 8" in back. We also added a rear sway bar.


    The interior was nice, but the seats were split at the seams in a couple of places. So you know how that goes, once you start you end up doing the whole thing. We also added gauges and a tach.


    Today was the first time I got to drive it due to the weather, and it does great. I'm looking forward to spring to be able to put some miles on it.

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    Nice job, luv me some W-31 action.
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    That thing is SHARP!
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    Love it!
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    Love It!
  7. Eric

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    It looks beautiful...68 favorite!
  8. OHC JOE


    That's a clean ride love the redlines
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    That is a great car! AC, overdrive, ready for the Power Tour!

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