my 70 GS resto...

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by breakinbuick11, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    well many of you know the story about my car and how I been looking for a long time but know that I have one Im going to make it how I want it.

    This is going to be a very slow moving thread from now until november... football 6 days a week and school leaves only sundays for the car...

    no real progress, alot of the quarter is sand blasted and primered... all that primer is coming off again...

    also got the grille fitted and it looks pretty good. plans are not to work on it the next couple sundays and get 2 rivs parted then the front end is coming off and the motor will be swapped for a 72 455. Also the garage will be getting 2 more cars in the next 2 weeks...

    stay tuned i guess.


    bad pictures because of phone.



  2. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    with the shape of gs it looks like a good starting point ..

    dont forget to tag and or bag parts ....I'm on year 4 on mine and still
    a ways to go ...

    good luck :TU:

    btw ....easy with sandblasting on sheet metal ...I learned my lesson
    on my nice original GS hood...I lightly sanblasted the underside and
    warped it in a few spots
  3. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    How about a few new pics of it then???
  4. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    I'm all primed up and soon to drop shell on frame

    Louie ..seems like you have good space there also ....thats important
    1/2 my battle was space ...
  5. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Rex, Yes we are, the floor is less than a month a old.

    I hope to get the car done by next september... If it was up to me Id take my drivers test in it... lol

  6. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Parts\mods list

    Items in red I have bought. List will also be added to over time. Anybody that wants to make suggestions feel free



    Bucket seat covers

    Console, shifter, linkage and handle

    Rocker mouldings

    GS emblems

    Winshield washer bottle

    right wheel well moulding

    GS air cleaner

    Hood scoop foams

    ALL BADGES (grille, fenders, and trunklid)


    stainless trim around grille

    Gas tank

    left front fender


    Power disc brakes

    16 inch rally steering wheel

    15 in rallys

    repro in dash tach

    Alpine CDE 102 cd player

    Sport mirrors

    3.23 Posi

    455 Build:

    TA 284 cam

    T\A Lifters

    oil mods

    JW 9 inch converter

    2.5 in. exhaust

    + a lot more!


    Maybe headers? edelbrock intake?
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  7. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    I actually got to see the air cleaner today...

    Im going to work on it an hour a night after football.

    I like the tan\cream color paint. :Dou:

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  8. MGCslugger33

    MGCslugger33 Back in Buick

    That cream breather will look good with that fire red paint. lol
  9. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    That is going to be a sweet ride when you get it finished! Gather parts here and there as you go- it is much easier to be able to afford these cars if you spend a little here and there instead of just dropping a fat check all at once. Don't overwork yourself and get burn out on a project, it's very easy to do. Take your time and do things once and do it right. It sounds like you've got your head on straight but those tips are easy to forget in the heat of the battle. keep up the good work and keep us up to date on what's going on with it!
  10. K0K0

    K0K0 Jamie

    This is great advise your young and you will have many years to enjoy it when it's done.
    Good luck and have fun. Jamie
  11. Jclstrike

    Jclstrike Well-Known Member

    Thats for sure I bought my car over the summer and just keep throwing money at it and it feels like i will never get it done LOL
  12. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    NO WORK DONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!:af: :af: :af:

    wierd week...

    friday night got sent to the ER second play in the second half... I got a helmet to the abs, got the wind knocked out of me, gagged so hard i popped blood vessels in my throat and started coughing up blood... got to the ER got checked out. Doctor said I was fine no internal bleeding...cleared to do whatever I want.

    Saturday-went to hershey park with friends it rained...

    today- suprise birthday party for a friend. then went to another friends house watched the jets.

    IM SLIPPING UP!!!!!!!!! next week there will be some progress hopefully!!!
  13. 71gs3504sp

    71gs3504sp Well-Known Member


    Take your time on the car. I am working on 5 years on my GS and in the middle of a frame-off restoration. I know you're young but I have work, family and everything else that stops me from working on it. BTW - I owned my car for almost 25 years now!

  14. the loon

    the loon Well-Known Member

    Louie, I am 4 years into my frame off and you see where I am in my avatar. You'll get there. At this time in your life school and freinds are most important.
  15. Postsedan

    Postsedan 13427 L78


    I see you posted Power Brakes / Disc Brakes.... are you going with reproduction? or Original? I have an original Booster only I can sell you?

    Let me know if your interested, a very fair price of $25.00 plus shipping.

  16. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Not sure with what we are going to do yet.

    parts list update.
  17. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Nice start Louie. Keep the pictures coming. We are patient.
  18. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    most likely no progess again. My game got moved to tommorow due to downpours.

    At least I have a good excuse.
  19. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Footballs over so now the resto will be in full swing. Tommorow we are going to finish stripping a 73 riv and then its on to the GS.

  20. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Ok Thanksgiving Break Starts Everything....

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