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    Last week I won an auction on e-bay for what was listed as '1970 Wildcat Badges.' The photos showed three different Wildcat script badges plus two Buick Tri-shields, which I hoped would be the correct badges for the center of the front bumper.

    When the box arrived Saturday, I found that the three Wildcat badges (grille, trunk lid and front fender) were correct for my car, however the two tri-shields were not.

    I assume the previous owner experienced the same frustration I currently have - trying to locate a front badge for a 1970 Buick that does not require a taking out a second mortgage to buy - and tried to use a badge from a different model year.

    I have confirmed that they are not for the rear bumper of my car either.

    The badges are about 2-13/16" long by approx. 1-1/4" wide, made of chromed metal with a plastic insert, the diagonal on the crests are part of the metal. I gently removed the plastic insert from the back of one of badges and found what looked to be like either the number '25' or '75' in the casting, although the markings were very light. There are two studs on the back of badge to attach it to the body.

    These two shields are in fair shape, the colors have faded, there is some corrosion on the metal and they could both use a good cleaning. I have attached photos to help with identification.

    I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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