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  1. FaZerick8

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    We've published a new eBook "American Performance V-8 Specs: 1963-1974" (ISBN 978-0-9864459-0-3) with ten pages devoted to Buick engine specifications, model applicability, and road test results. Models and engines covered include Riviera Gran Sport (425, 430, 455), Skylark Gran Sport, GS350, GS400, GS455, GSX, and Century Gran Sport (340, 350, 401, 400, 455).
    It's available at Google Books and Amazon Kindle books.

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  2. SwissNic

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    Hi, Apparently Amazon does not ship abroad (Switzerland). Let me know if you have a way to get the book abroad. Thanks, SwissNic
  3. flynbuick

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    The page you posted is not worth much. Those are manufacturer published specs. In real life some of those specs were way too high while some were too low. For example, I do not think any stock Buick 455 dynoed by JW has ever made 510 ft/lbs torque.
  4. David G

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    That post is over 2 years old and is the only post by that member. I doubt he/she is coming back.
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    Hi guys, Thanks for your replies. Actually I also wanted to know how good the book is. Apparently, it is not too good or does not bring a lot of new stuff. Good books about Buick in general, and the GS 455 in particular, are not too common. Best regards, SwissNic.

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