New - Just announced Buick Die Cast - Coming Summer 2016

Discussion in 'The Hobby Lobby' started by ToddsGS, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    A lot of you guys know that I sell Die Cast Muscle Cars. There hasn't been much in Buick stuff lately but today Acme Collectibles announced a new 1964 Buick Riviera in Bronze Mist with a White Interior.

    They're not due until later this Summer but because of the Economy now days I only order in what I have pre-sold so if anyone is interested in this Model please place your pre-order on my website (
    I do NOT charge your Credit Card until the item in in stock and ready to ship. So no charges to your card until I have something to actually send you! Pre-Ordering also gets you a $10.00 Discount and my shipping is cheaper than most if not all of my competitors!

    Retail Price is $114.95 ($10 Discount will be applied once in stock!)

    Due in August and will probably sell out!

    More info can be found on my website.

    Thanks for looking.





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  2. Rivman

    Rivman Senior Ottawa Buick Guy

    . . . looks like a nice 1:18 die cast Todd - if it was second generation, I'd jump right on it ! :beer
  3. ToddsGS

    ToddsGS Founders Club Member

    I am close to being sold out of these. If anyone on here is interested in one you can PRE-ORDER one which guarantee's you'll get one at my price. If you use a Master Card or Visa your credit card is NOT charged until they arrive. (Due in August) Acme is the Manufacture and they are already sold out.

    Let me know if you're interested. Or hop over to my website and place your order. My Online Order Form is Secure and Super Simple to use.

    Thanks for the interest.
  4. Mopar

    Mopar Well-Known Member

    Looks nice. Too bad some wouldn't do a 73-75 regal/century or grand sport.

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