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Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by Vito DAmbrosio, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    This is my first Buick muscle car. I've owned nothing but Olds Cutlass's in the past. I'm really enjoying my Buick though! Hope everyone has a great Friday.

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  4. BYoung

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    Welcome. Tell us more about your car.
  5. Thank you everyone!

    1969 GS400. All original panels. Matching # motor, 400 tranny and 3.42 posi rear end. Original California car. PS, PDB, Air, Tilt, buckets with console. Have POP and Dealer invoice. Car is in Raleigh, NC.

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  6. 2001ws6

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    Welcome aboard! :cool:
  7. Luxus

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    Very nice. An improvement over the 'gutlasses'.

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. Still love the 70 Cutlass though. However, theres nothing like the lines on the 68-69 Buick's. Always wanted one, finally made the move!
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    Let me show the other members a few photos of your nice blue 1969 GS400, right here in your introduction thread [​IMG]




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    Vito: I just noticed that you were trying to put yourself on the V8Buick Board Members Map of the World.
    For some reason I was not notified about that...

    Anyway: you are on the map now! [​IMG]

    Click screenshot to view your entry [​IMG]
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    Wait, what? You get notified each time someone puts themselves on the map? (Puts on tinfoil hat)
  12. BrunoD

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    Paesan! benvenuto!Welcome from Long Island,NY.Bruno.
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  13. pbr400

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    That’s a very pretty car!
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  15. Philip66

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    Welcome to the family!
    My first car was a 67 Olds F-85, it was a backwoods tree basher.
    I was only 13!
    My first car on the road at the age of 16...1970 Olds Cutlass.
    You're among friends here with Buick an Olds fans.
    Love the color of your car too, looks like the Motion GS Duane has been restoring.

    Again, Welcome!
    Philip T.
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    Greetings from Florida
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  17. Sorry. Didn't know I had to notify you before I did that! Thank you for taking care of it!
  18. Grazie! I'm not surprised a guy named Bruno welcomed me in such a way! I don't get that here in Raleigh.
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    Vito, in a perfect world I will get an automatic notification when someone is adding him/herself to the map.
    So I can approve the entry and publish it on the map.

    Something went wrong and I noticed yesterday that you were registered three times on the map, still waiting for approval.
    I have to do it like this, otherwise the map will be flooded with girls from countries like Russia and Thailand, I'm sure that they all have very good intentions but they are not really into Buicks... [​IMG]
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    Nice ride Vito. Last summer I made the switch from a line of Chevy's to a GS 455. I havent looked back, the car is everything I wanted my last Chevy to be and a lot more.

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