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So want to know more about the bogging

  1. Any ideas

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  2. And should I just change the original carb

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  3. No one here really I think knows how to rebuild one like they use too

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  1. 70 Buick Gs

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    not sure what to put but I’m new to this . Hi I’ve had my 1970 Buick Gs since 1998 got it from original owner ,it was bamboo cream originally dark saddle brown interior and vinyl roof, has the rare 350 Buick made with the ram air , it was all original until I changed the exterior colour to blue and interior and roof to black with the spoiler differently looks better rebuilt the engine back to original except for the intake manifold to aluminum t/a performance and put a little more lumper cam shaft and electronic distributor ,changed all the suspension, now I’m deciding whether to change the carb cause it Boggs when I hammer it I’ve learned a bit over the 7 months it took to rebuild the car so just came on here cause there are other Buick guys out there and good to get info
  2. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

  3. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    Btw welcome to the board. also your car sounds like it looks good..
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    If you have a Quadrajet that bogs when you floor it, it's probably a simple fix, no need to change the carburetor.:) Up top, on the secondary side of the carburetor are 2 air valves. With the engine off, you can push them in and release them and they should close back up. Those air valves only flip in when the engine demands enough air. If they flip in too soon, you get the dreaded bog.

    There are two things that slow the tip in of the air valves. One is the spring wind up on the air valve shaft. The other is the vacuum operated front choke pull off. There is a metal link from the choke pull off that runs up to the air valve shaft. With the engine on and at idle, the choke pull off should be fully retracted and the link should hold the air valves shut. With the engine idling, it should be very difficult to push the air valves open. If you can easily do so, look at the choke pull off and see if it is not retracted. If the diaphragm is bad, the link will not hold the air valves closed long enough and they will flop in bogging the engine. The Quadrajet is by far the best carburetor for your engine, don't give up on it so easily. There are guys here on V8 that can rebuild it to as good, if not better than new if necessary.
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