Official Guide to Rally Wheels Chart

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  1. Duane

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    That is correct,
    The back spacing for all the original 70-72 A-body 15" rims is 4 3/8".

    The difference in the outward appearance of the wheels is due to different stampings of the rims. (The cross-sections are different.)
  2. Jim Jones

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    There is additional useful information in this post LINK
  3. DavidC77

    DavidC77 "Matilda" 1970 Buick GSX

  4. jmmarsha

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    Look like need set of the 853
    good driver quality

    Keep an eye peeled!
  5. jmmarsha

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    Found my wheels!

    I need a set of 4 good driver quality center caps to fit the 67-70 Riviera rally wheels.

  6. get2thegettin

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    Will the 15 x 6 5 0n 5 bolt 895 made for disk brakes fit on the 15 x 6 5 on 5 bolt 802 made for drum brakes?
  7. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA John Paige

    25+ years ago I bought a nice used pair of 15" X 6" wheels, slathered wax on the chrome without buffing it off and put them in storage. Have since sold the car they were intended for without ever using them and currently thinning out the extra parts on forums, Ebay, Craigs etc. so I cleaned off the wax and took pics. By the chart posted it seems they're 71-85 WK wheels. I measured them and they're 15 X 6" with 3 7/8" back space and 2" center cap holes. The previously posted links in this thread are all old and dead but I'd like to know how to decipher the date code so I can figure out what they're worth, any help greatly appreciated.



  8. UNDERDOG350

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    August 16 1978 and March 20 1978
  9. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA John Paige

    Thanks Steve! I see how it works.
  10. JohnnyBuick

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    Hello Everyone Greetings from a very cold South Dakota.
    Recently I purchased a 1979 Buick Electra Limited with the 403 engine in it. It has been sitting for a few years and will need some work to get it back on the road. However it has a set of Rally wheels on it and the centres are painted the same blue as the body. Is this genuine for the model year? Also is there anyone around who are re-chroming rally wheels. My last experience with an "out west" chrome plating shop was less than satisfactory and now they have stopped doing it. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks John

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