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    Hi All,

    First, yes I am buying an oil pressure gauge soon. But here is my issue.
    car was running fine but needed oil change. got to the point that one day in Florida heat, oil lamp finally went on. I have a case of Brad Penn oil and a wix filter. but I wanted to do an "oil flush" so I installed a Delco filter and put in cheap Walmart oil. due to time constraints, I have not been able to do final oil change for the last few weeks. and did not use car. started car up this weekend and let it get to operating temp. not too long after, oil lamp started going on. can the oil be that cheap to not handle a 455 ? should I be concerned of a pump issue? Any way to figure out if pump is an issue while still mounted? I rather not put the expensive Penn in to have to drain and discard for some reason.
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    Yes, you should be very concerned about a few things- oil pump/ timing cover, a clogged pick up screen, excessive bearing clearance. Naturally, the first thing you need to do is put a gauge on it and verify what the pressure actually is. If it is low, the first thing I would do is take the pump apart and inspect the timing cover. The oil pump and screen is the best case scenario
  3. hvramesq

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    thanks Jason, I do have a small oil leak at cover and was considering replacing time cover and chain

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