Orange Blur have anything for Black???

Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by Tom Miller, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    Should be one of the most interesting finals in FAST to date.

    Who will be number 1??
    Will the Hemi have the traction to set low E.T.
    Pennington sure has been quiet this spring? busy tweaking???
    Or will both these two favorites over power the track and watch a white Firebird fade into the distance????
    Possibly a Cobra Jet Mustang vs. Pontiac final???

    Maybe a newbie that has been keeping quiet about a new combo?

    I guess we'll find out in a couple days. See You there.
  2. Steve A

    Steve A 454 450

    Although I'm a Chevy guy, I think that it will be the Hemi RR as the FAST winner. I wish that I could make it, I would like to see the white Firebird on the track.

    Tom, I see you have a new addition.
  3. goatless

    goatless Well-Known Member

    Curious to see what Mr. Mahoney has for us this year!

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