Original 68H color model until I can afford the real deal

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  1. I'm trying a winter project this year. My 70GS has been Glacier White since 1986 (or before). I've wanted to know what the Burnished Saddle paint and Dark Gold vinyl would look like, so I bought 1:18 model and some color matched paints. I masked off the top and should get a coat of paint or two on tonight. Here is the "before" shot. 20200110_202856.jpg
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  2. With four coats of Burnished Saddle.
    20200114_211934.jpg 20200114_211909.jpg
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  3. 4 coats of paint. Starting to reassemble now. Dark Gold "vinyl" top is next.
    20200115_203423.jpg 20200115_203053.jpg
  4. Kind of missed on the gold paint. I'll have to find something closer.
    20200116_211428.jpg 20200116_211440.jpg
  5. Pretty close. Hello 1970!

    20200117_204116.jpg 20200117_204457.jpg
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    I love this. Great idea!
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