Painting 66 skylark fenders

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by MilehighBuick, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. MilehighBuick

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    Has anyone painted the 66, and I can imagine the 67 fenders as well. The louvers and bottom trim cannot be taken on or off without pulling the fender. Im in the process of painting and dont know if there has been experience with this paint on or off the car before reassembling. Id like to get a proper cut and buff without but like to line everything up assembled before doing. pita trying not to scratch or proper gaping without hitting fender by the door post spray. Maybe its the only way? Or cut and buff around the trim and louvers after masking them off and fender hung before painting?
  2. hugger

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    I'd buff and assemble the fenders then install,..but if you want you can mask them and stay about 1/8in away from the trim and use no more than 2000 grit for about a 1/2in away then sand as normal the rest,..then you will be able to hand rub up next to the trim,..nobody will see the very small surface irregularity in that last 1/8 in
  3. 12lives

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    Here is my 67: The paint was cr#@P so it was blasted clean. Note all the trim left on including the passenger fender port. Could not get it off. I did get the drivers side off though. Note that the car was driven between shops and home.
    67 blasted.jpg
    In paint, this is the 3rd or 4th coat:
    Finish work. This was a "cheap" MAACO job done by a decent franchise that did many older cars. The cut and polish was good around the trim.
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  4. wkillgs

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    I put some paint around the louver/ventiport opens with fender off the car. Then install ventiports and fender, mask off ventiport, then paint car.
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  5. MilehighBuick

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    Thanks, seems like the best way is to paint behind the ventport then assemble both, mount on car, gap and mask to spray. I think what was said about the 8th inch not being sanded and buffed wont be noticeable. Its not a sema car but want it too be nice just never ran into it before. Assembly line must have just masked off as it wouldnt be productive to assemble after complete paint then assemble.
  6. 12lives

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    Good Plan! I believe the factory mounted the painted and assembled fenders after setting the body on the frame.
  7. 36racin

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    Remove inner fenders

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