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  1. darren fitzgerald

    darren fitzgerald 77Century

    Purchased my PW regulators for my 77 century. Now need to decide if to make or buy a harness.

    What year range of GMs used the same connections for the motor and switches as my 77?

    Cannot picture them being very different except possibly in length of wiring or if harness included power locks.

    Found some connectors, seller says they fit 78 to 88 but they appear like they would fit the double, singles and the three in a row for the door locks.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. 1973gs

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    I pulled several complete dash and door harnesses and regulators from 73-77 A bodies 30 years ago when there were many in junk yards. When I went to install them 4 years ago, I used the ones that were in the best shape. I'm not sure which ones came out of which year car, but the motor connectors were different. The terminals were the same, but the connector itself was different. I just swapped the connectors. I didn't see any difference in any of the switch connectors.If you Google GM Packard terminals, you can find just about any 70's GM terminal that you need.
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  3. darren fitzgerald

    darren fitzgerald 77Century

    Thanks for the reply. Oddly when searching the years they say they work for can be all over the board. Some will say like 78-88. 72-75, and so on...while they all look identical. Thought maybe this was due to some wiring harnesses use relays and others don't.

    Did you happen to use relays? pro & cons of adding them?
  4. 1973gs

    1973gs Well-Known Member

    001.JPG 002.JPG
    I used an entire factory setup that I pulled from junk cars that included the relay and cross over harness behind the dash. It was a very easy installation, but the dash was already out of the car. What parts do you need? I have several harnesses and partial harnesses left. Remember, I used the best parts on my car but what I have left would be salvageable.
    I have several. I just pulled the harnesses that I have. The difference between the years wasn't in the pw, it was in the power locks. I have what looks like a complete harness. One power window and one power lock connector have been cut off, but I found some that can be soldered back on. Also, the left door harness must be from a different year because the connectors are different, but the three wires are the same color. If you're interested, PM me, Jeff
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