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    This could be a tough one! I'm looking for the following NOS or aftermarket under hood decals for my 1971 GS 350, 4BBL, Manuel 4-speed.
    "vehicle emission control information" including ignition control routing and the "adjustment procedures carburetor throttle control solenoid". I would really appreciate help locating these two decals. I have attached a picture of the originals.
    Bob P.

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  2. DBS

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    CARS lists the emissions control decal. Neat car

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

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    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. This site has been unbelievably helpful as I bring this car back to it's original condition. I'm not there yet and I'm getting older by the day. so it's a race to see if I can get the job done before I'm done.
    On the "Vehicle Emission Control" decal, GM has used the same part# (1237195BF) for both the 1971, 350, 4-BBL,Auto./Manual and the 1971, 350,4-BBL, Automatic. CARS has the correct 1972 decal, but I don't see the 1971. I will give them a call. Perogie and Osborn had the correct part #, but did not have the 71 Auto/ Manual.
    Thanks again for the help! I'll keep looking. If I can't find them I'm going to have them made. Ouch!!!!
  5. Duane

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    You have a late 71 car with the later year brackets and emission decals.

    Years ago I reproduced the 350 automatic versions of these decals (for Myself) as they were not available.
    After taking pictures of my original decals I spent .........HOURS............using high-powered lenses and touching them up with ink. Then used that to make my decals.
    A friend of mine owned a print shop, burned negatives off my "art work" and printed up the decals.

    I don't believe the decals you need are available, so if you want them you may have to make them yourself.

    If you know someone that knows AutoCAD they could probably reproduce clean copies of these decals, but it would take some time to do. Also the "font" of the lettering may not come out exact, but you could probably get a decent facsimile of the original.
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    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    I'm talking to some graphics people and waiting for estimates. I used Auto CAD before I retired but no longer have access to the software. Now knowing that these decals do not exist, I'm going to get them reproduced one way or the other. When you open the hood it's the first thing ya see. I'll get the word out when they are done. If anyone else has a similar combination and year Buick, I'll be glad to provide copies.

    Thanks Duane!

  7. 70buickboy

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    I'm also in need of both of those decals, only the automatic information, of all the decal reproduction websites out there they don't have the 2 that I need.
    Part # 1239728 " Adjustment Procedure " and Part # 1237194 " BE " Vehicle Emission Control "

    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    I am having both of the decals reproduced by a Graphic Artist. I'll let you know when they are finished. Happy to share with anyone who is looking for them.
  9. Rob696

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    Atached is a picture of the original decals from my 71 4-speed. Decals 001.JPG
  11. 70buickboy

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    These are mine.... 183.JPG
  12. Sarge-O

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    What does the BE or the BF stand for on the decal? Mine has BH.
  13. Dano

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    If these are the same for an automatic (seems like it), I'd take a set (or two). Even if for manual only I'd probably still take a set to have just in case I get one. Mine is a late (05D) car. Is late vs. early the BE vs. BF? I'd also contact Todd (DC Musclecars) and see if he might be interested in some as he's putting together a line of unique/hard to find parts.
  14. 70buickboy

    70buickboy Well-Known Member

    Any movement on these ???
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    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    Still in the works. Will let you know when completed.
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  16. flynbuick

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    Did you have a national search for the parts numbers run by Buick dealer?

    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    Did not think of trying that. I'll give it a try.
    Thanks Jim for the tip.

  18. flynbuick

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    It is the kind of item that could well be laying around in a dealer's parts department. Try Canada also.
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    BP714SPEEDGSRAG Platinum Level Contributor

    Good News, The graphics work is complete. I'll be taking the PDF file along with the originals to a printer for size and color match. Will keep you posted.
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  20. 70buickboy

    70buickboy Well-Known Member

    Any progress updates ? I'm sure others are wondering also.

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