Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance

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    Cheers all, Just wanted to spread the word.September 8,2019 is the date for the Radnor Hunt Concours,This year they are featuring The cars of Bill Mitchell and Buick. A bunch of v8 Buick guys have been invited .I am showing my Saturn yellow 70 GSX, Duane's motion car and his stratomist blue GSX will be there.Phil,'s sweet orange 73 stage 1 and Paul and Lynn Gawel's aquamist 70 gs 455 ragtop will be there.Also a 2000 mile gnx the owner bought new ,my friend Mike's 1941 convertible ,a lavender 59 and I just found out aaca zenith award winning 31 super convertible is showing. Just to name but few. Tickets aren't cheep $50 bucks ,but it keeps out the rif-raf and the show benefits The Thorncroft equestrian center which is a therapeutic riding center.Its just outside Philly, hope to see you there. Tim
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    Looking forward to being there. What a great lineup of outstanding Buicks. It is an honor just to be invited.
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    Also lookout for Dick Harvey with his 64 Riviera. Won best of show at Riviera Nationals this year. We did the mechanical resto with a Scotty G nailhead motor. This car is driven everywhere! When we did the engine install a couple yesrs ago he drove straight to the BCA Nats in Wisconsin with it for its maiden voyage.

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