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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by DeeVeeEight, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

  2. Donuts & Peelouts

    Donuts & Peelouts Life's 2 Short. Live like it.

  3. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    El Camingus Invictus ! Outstanding... ws
  4. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....

    What lake was that and the bus behind it pulled out of?
  5. Gallagher

    Gallagher Founders Club Member

    That is pretty cool.
    I wonder if the guy selling it looked anything like this.
  6. lemmy-67

    lemmy-67 Gold Level Contributor

    My assh*le brother bought 'er in September, '57.
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  7. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    The upper part of the dash is '59 Impala, the lower looks like '59 Buick. How'd they pull that off???
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  8. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    And a 57 Buick steering wheel.
  9. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    How's the frame? It looks very cool.
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  10. My3Buicks

    My3Buicks Buick Guru

    Guessing converted to be a flower car
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  11. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    Love the smell of a brand new car!
    Looks like an Aussie 59 Chev dash to me, that dont make sense though.
    Flower car does, obviously talented coachwork there, whodunnit?
  12. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Sometimes ya hafta think outside the box.. Look at the work that went into this one. Pick out a few oddities... ws






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  13. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

    I love it !
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  14. PCUB


    I think we need Ian from "Full Custom Garage" to work on something like this.... lots of creativity!
  15. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    the black and white pic...looks like some important funeral...any idea who?
  16. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Vito Corleone
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  17. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Hey Erik... thanks for that! Are you aware your profile settings are turned off? Our friend Adam "gnatsum" tried to PM you and cant get to you. Your profile says you limit who can contact you, in other words youve blocked everyone... just sayin' ws
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  18. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    in the black and white pic, I spy with my little eyes a 1961 Ford Anglia, had no idea you'se got those little British cars,
    I drove one for a while in my youth, hauled out the 1000cc engine and fitted a 1500 GT unit with a Weber carb, thing flew but had a habit of lifting inside rear wheel on hard fast tight corners
  19. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Funeral was for Fredo.
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  20. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

    Floor shift but no clutch pedal. Pretty cool car.

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