Really Clean 72 Skylark 4 Door

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by Philip66, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Philip66

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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    WOW! That’s gonna drive me NUTS now!
    Hurry up and go buy it Ryan so I can sleep at night!
    I had been considering buying ANY running Skylark/GS clone etc etc so I had SOMETHING to drive and maybe rekindle my passion to finish the “GSX” sitting here for years(I broke one of my two rules on the “X”....Number 1 gotta have a sane title,Number 2 it HAS to run even if crappy “.

    Santa HAVE MERCY! I know I’m not GOOD but I am consistent ole buddy ole pal!:rolleyes:
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  3. 69SkylarkGS

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    Wow looks pretty clean for the age! Probably only about an hour or two from me. If I had the money and room in my garage I’d buy it just to make sure it survives.
  4. My3Buicks

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    Looks like a decent survivor, but that's a lot of money for a very basic 4 door in a blah color with a front clip that doesn't match the rest of the car. I get the feeling this is one that would not be near as enticing seeing it in real life
  5. TORQUED455

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    Stuff a Tomahawk in it..
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  6. I went and purchased this particular car on Saturday, 01-04-20' and drove it 3.5 hours home.
  7. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Congrats Pat. Whats your plan for it ?
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  8. Thanks Ryan! We are almost neighbors, I am located in Danville, VA. I am going to leave it as completely stock as possible but at the same time I am going to totally refresh the entire car.
  9. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Yeah Pat your not far from me at all. Danville is about a hour away. When you say "refresh the entire car" are you talking about rebuilding the engine, paint and body, restoring the interior ??? I would say you could just put Duel exhaust, Rally Wheels, a really good tune up with a recurved distributor and some good cleaning on it and it would be a lot of fun to enjoy. Maybe have someone do a conversion on the radio so you could use your iPod for some tunes or bluetooth. Let me know if I can help with anything. Maybe I will see you at some of the car cruise ins.

  10. Ryan, No I meant to just go thru the whole car and clean and detail it and only fix what needs fixing so to not take away from anything original. As the car only has 36,000 Actual Original Miles on it and I drove it back home 3.5 hours / 200 miles with no problems at all.
  11. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Very cool Pat. I bet that was a smooth ride also. Nothing like driving a original Buick. Something about the ones that are all original they just ride so nice
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  12. Buicksky

    Buicksky Silver Level contributor

    Great pick up Pat enjoy.
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  13. Ryan, You are so right! It was very nice, I cruised on the interstate about the whole time running 70-75 MPH.
  14. Thanks Tony!
  15. no1oldsfan

    no1oldsfan Well-Known Member

    Damn that looks clean
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  16. Thanks Pat!
  17. 72 skylark custom

    72 skylark custom Well-Known Member

    Looks good!
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  18. Thanks!


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