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Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by macbuick, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. macbuick

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    I ve read somewhere that as our rear axle doesn t have C Clips it was usefull to weld retainer ring, next to the axle bearing, on the axle shaft. Not completly....just two welds on each.
    Is it right.....useless....dangerous....??
  2. alvareracing

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    what's the purpose, to prevent axles from coming out? If it is a non C-clip type member then it is bolted together with 4 bolts & nuts to the flange. There is no way it is going to come out, but it still can break an axle without the wheel coming all the way out and destroying your quarter panel. If it is a C-clip type then that is why they make C-clip Eliminator Kits which is the same concept as described. I've never heard that before what you read, but don't put a lot of heat on those axles they are almost to brittle. I recommend aftermarket axles for the piece of mind. I been running 33 spline Strange for 20+ years and just change gear ratios and did an inspection, all good, money well spent.
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  3. 300sbb_overkill

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    Oh contraire mon frère, had the press on bearing come lose and the axle walk out on an off ramp of a highway! What a PITA that was way back in the mid '80s when my daily driver was a '69 Grand Prix.

    Had a piece of pipe in my trunk tool box that I was able to hammer the bearing back on after unbolting the bearing retainer. Had to do it all with the rim/tire still bolted on the axle because I didn't have any air tools on the side of the road.:rolleyes:

    Happened more than once, the second time(same effing off ramp!) I hammered dents in the bearing press surface on the axle for more grip for the bearing to hold onto and never had a problem with it again!

    So yes, it is VERY possible for a press on axle to come out when driving!
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  4. BrianTrick

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    Some of the earlier shafts were made of a softer material,and one of the things they occasionally did was shrink under the bearing. Sounds like what might have happened in your 69 GP

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