Reverse light switch on steering column, 1970 Skylark etc.

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    I'm putting together a 1970 GS steering column, manual transmission, installing a reverse light switch, and see that the Factory Assembly manual calls out a different part number for manual verses automatic cars (3943657 for the manual transmission, 1993456 for the automatic).

    It sure looks like I can us the automatic switch, 1993456, which I and most of us have (since it's an automatic part)?

    The manual transmission backup-light plug in the dash harness (green and pink w/black tracer) plugs right into the backup light prongs on the automatic switch.

    The manual back-drive rotates the column collar when shifting in and out of reverse. I suspect a difference could be if the manual back drive rotates the column collar a different amount than the automatic?
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    If you want your backup lights to light in reverse you need to use 3943657 switch. Photo of switch and mounted to column.

    9-21-03 005.jpg

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    On a manual, "park" becomes reverse and turns on the back up lights. I bet Todd has the switch in stock
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  5. schwemf

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    Here's a comparison of the two switches.

    IMG_20190319_114148767_HDR.jpg Both these switches are substantial and can be easily rebuilt, as I just did with the manual switch that I found this morning and had been sitting decades in the salvage yard.

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