RM DC5100 or Limco 4100 clear prefernce?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by buickgsman, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. buickgsman

    buickgsman Well-Known Member

    I guess what I am asking is has anyone used the Limco 4100 clear? I have used RM dc 92 in the past and most recently DC5100 which sprayed well and sanded out very easily. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Limco 4100 clear? How does it spray(not in a booth) , how does it lay down? How does it sand and is it durable enough for my own car?

    The Limco is about half the price of the RM DC 5100


  2. jay bird

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    I use 4100 clear every day. It shoots nicer than 5100 and it's cheaper. It shoots nice in the garage. I painted my girls truck hood about 5 years ago and it sits outside. It still looks really good. A gallon of 4100 goes farther than 5100 because of the reduction. I shoot 4100: 4 parts clear to 1 part hardner to 1 part reducer. I shoot it 4 parts clear 1 part hardner and 1/2 the reducer. It gives it more of a film build. The only down side to 4100 is it doesn't buff as easy but it's managable.
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  4. GSXER

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    I have same complaint it buffs like crap its not as hard as Dupont 4700S I usually shoot but what do want for 1/3 of the price:Do No:
  5. buickgsman

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    anyone else???
  6. jay bird

    jay bird Well-Known Member

    I've used DC88, DC89, DC90, DC76, DC5300, DC5100, DC5335. Out of all the Diamont clear I have used the DC88 is the best they had but didn't meet VOC requirements. My personal opinion I feel that 4100 is a nice overall clear and I wouldn't hesitate using it. I am a painter by trade. I recently had the chance to shoot Omni MC270 clear. I suggest using it with slow or extra slow hardner. It's in the same price range as 4100 and buffs alot nicer. The vette in the picture I shot with MC270.

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  7. jay bird

    jay bird Well-Known Member

    This Vette is sprayed with 4100 clear. It's not the nicest color.

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  8. gbsean

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    LC4100 is an economical clear we sell a ton of it....it is 1/2 the price of the DC5100.... they both need to be polished within 72 otherwise they get harder....the new "hot" clear is the DC5335 Glamour Clear but is not open floor shop friendly as it takes about 30 mins for it to be dust free and takes 3 hours to dry at 68* and thats only as far as fingerprinting is concerened...with poor air flow I have seen it print still 4 hours later...they do make accelerators for it mix ratio is 4:1....but that takes away from the best flow and shine possible....shop floor DC5100 dry in 90 mins dust free in about 15...mixing ratio is 3:1 and there are different hardeners for spot/panel/over all refinishing...even Quicker is DC5600 thats dust free in 10 mins....

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