RnD Fabrication USA Made Buick Radiators

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    RnD Fabrication is proud to introduce our line of 1964-1977 A-Body Radiators, and our line of 1978-1988 G-Body Radiators! We make these here in the USA, using USA-sourced materials, and we are American owned and staffed! Each radiator is TIG welded by hand, and we never use any epoxy or plastic. They are constructed from aluminum, and we use dual 1" thick cores for a total core thickness of 2" (same thickness as a brass & copper 4-core) with an average of 16 fins per inch. These are a direct fit, bolt-in upgrade that uses your factory mounts (note that G-body applications must use a Cutlass style top plate for this configuration).

    We can build these for stock engines, as well as for LS & other engine conversions with ports in the correct locations for your engine, and we never charge extra for engine conversions. All units include a transmission cooler at no additional charge (specify when ordering). If you want one for an LS conversion, there is no additional charge, and simply specify if you want the steam port or not. Retail price is $450, and members of this forum get a discounted price of $425.

    1964-1967 A-Body Radiators:

    1968-1977 A-Body Radiators:

    1978-1988 G-Body Radiators:

    Make sure to mention you are a member to get your discount! Being that these are made by hand and made to order, we typically have a 3-4 week turn around from the date of ordering. Contact us if you have any questions.
  2. ToddsGS

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    Very Nice looking radiators. Do you have any shroud/electric fan options?
  3. Matt Knutson

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    Check their website - there is a picture of a fully shrouded dual electric fan unit.

  4. sparkyRnD

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    Yes, we do. We have many fan options depending on your needs and available space. We can do dual offset 12" fans, single 16" fan, Heavy Duty single 17" dual speed fan, and then we also have heavy duty slim 16's and heavy duty large 12's.
  5. ToddsGS

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    We have a car in the shop now that will need an electric fan set up so may be contacting you soon.

  6. sparkyRnD

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    Todd, we'd be glad to help out!
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    What is the center-to-center vertical tube spacing?
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    Are you able to build them for a Meziere radiator mount electric water pump?
  9. sparkyRnD

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    3/8" to 1/2" depending on application center to center on tubes

    We can build to accommodate most requests, but we've never built one for a radiator-mounted elec pump. If we had one in hand, we could research what it would take though.
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    bringing this back up
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    The market is in making aluminum reproduction radiators that have tanks that actually look like Harrisons. Alumitech did that so well so we know it can be done.
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    I bought one of the RnD radiators. I will admit they look REAL nice. Just make sure to mention the correct hose outlet sizes. Which IIRC are 1 1/2" upper and lower. Mine were not.
    I put dual 14" fans on and it never gets over 160 deg.

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  13. sparkyRnD

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    Glad you like your rad! We can put any size inlet / outlet on our radiators, we just need to know when ordering so we can set it up properly.
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