Setting up 800 Spreadbore on 350

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    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    the 30cc or 50cc pump feeds the nozzles . no matter the size of the nozzle you are only gonna get 30cc or 50cc of fuel . theoretically at least . probably a hair less depending on lever angle/pressure and cam etc . and i think that cc rating is per 10 full "pumps" . so a larger nozzle will be a larger shot/volume of fuel at less duration . smaller nozzle will be a smaller volume over a longer period of time .
    the cam , just like the engine cam creating lift , controls amount of fuel via lift and also controls the timing rate - more fuel early rotation or more late rotation . also the #1 or #2 hole makes a dif . the pink cam is supposed to give you a full even shot and is probably a good cam to start with . i think the brown cam is for the 50cc . as far as the cam's go stay with the basics until you learn it well .

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    ok , 2 things :
    1 - went to LV swap sunday , saw a cheap original looking 6210 , grabbed it . got it apart this am , no checks under either nozzle . play with that more later .
    2 - sent holley tech an e-mail . he said yes the lower check is it . works the same .
    so - if your carb has both the lower check in metering block and a check/plunger under nozzle that could (?) give you problems . common sense wise I can't think why but the way things work sure , possibility . and those carbs come with the anti pullover nozzles not the regular nozzles . that's another thing , doesn't seem like it would make a dif but --- ?

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