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Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by Marc, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Marc

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    Slowly, but surely I'm bringing my 1972 Skylark back to presentable condition. A new top, window, pads and well are going in this week. I still have the factory original boot, but it has its share of rips. It seems that there are a number of suppliers with a wide cost range. Legendary is the priciest and, presumably, the best made. Then there's PUI, Acme (Rock Auto), and others, I'm sure.

    I'll be recovering my seats this spring, almost certainly with Legendary. This suggests that I should stick with the Legendary top boot. However, I wonder if there is sufficient variation in the Madrid-grain vinyl (black) to justify the $100+ uncharge for Legendary. Moreover, Legendary seems to be a build-to-order shop while other brands are available off the shelf.

    I'm not doing a frame off restoration or anything close. The car is a driver for the weekends.

    Suggestions welcome!
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    I have a red PUI interior and boot. Not being happy with the PUI boot I bought a Legendary one. The color and I believe the grain pattern are different. I know you have black interior but I would match the boot to what ever interior you will use so everything matches.

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