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    I am not blessed enough yet to own one of the Special Buicks like one of the Proto-type Stage 1's or the newly finished 1969 Motion GS but I am blessed to own a 1984 Mustang GT350 Dominator that I bought as my first new car when I got out of the USMC 1n 1985 after I had saved my money for 2 years and had $9k to put down on it...…….Dominators were the Yenko's for Mustangs in the 1980's and could only be bought from Summit Ford (where I lived) and for an extra $1650 it would turn a stock GT into a 13.90 Camaro killer guaranteed.
    Anyway 35 years and alittle over 49,000 miles later, it got invited to Carlisle Ford Nationals this year for a Display of Special Fox body cars, this is special because not only is it a DOMINATOR but also a 20th Anniversary Edition GT.....1 of 4 with that combination. All tho not a cherished Buick its a small crumb from the Car life that I'll relish just as much.
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    AND you should. Being one of four makes you & the car SPECIAL!!!!!!
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    What Tom said! And thanks for your service in the USMC!
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    CONGRATS, I've had about 19 fox bodies. My Rarest was an 84 1/2 Predator GT302 Cobra. Found it in a junkyard, spent way to much money getting it right and sold it before it was done. lol Glad you still have yours. Have fun at the big show.
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    I'm 'guilty' of owning a Fox body Ford as well:
    2 Martin 1.jpg
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