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Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by BigBlocksRule, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Does anyone know the year and model applications for the sport steering wheels? A person questioned whether the one I am selling would fit on a '68 GS and I don't really know.....

    Thanks for any help!

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    Is there even a difference in the wheel itself? The one in the pic looks just like the one on my 77 column, and the one hanging on my wall from a g-body car.
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    The center mounting holes and design were the same during the production years ('69-'77, I believe). The '68 option had a wood look outer rim and the originals are pricey in good or better condition - but they look really nice on a car. The "hub" to which the Rallye steering wheels mount to (the "hub" then mounts to the steering column) was a smaller diameter in '68 and earlier years and then a new design steering column which was wider in diameter was introduced (key in column) for '69. The outer diameter of the steering wheel changed in '71, I believe (going down to 15 inches in diameter). '70 and earlier were 16 inches in diameter and had a "thumb groove" indention on the inside of the rim. These wheels were also often called or said to feature a Comfort Grip or Cushion Grip outer rim. As stated above, you need the correct diameter "hub" for your year car, other than that, the steering wheels will interchange on either "hub".

    I'll also say that the color pallette of these wheels really expanded after '72 when Buick made the Rallye wheel available in many, many different models and trim levels requiring more colors to match the various interiors colors.

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